The Issues

Let's Elevate Colorado. Together.

We prioritize what we care about

It is clear that our elected leaders in Washington value multinationals, lobbyists, and donors over average Americans. Enough is enough. It is time to put the interests of working families first; to invest in our people and our neighborhoods; to build systems that allow people to seek out opportunities, grow, and achieve their potential. Most Americans want the same things: safety, security, prosperity, and health. If we tell the truth, listen to others, and work together, we can enact common-sense policies that benefit everyone.

  • Preserve Our Natural Heritage

    Our natural resources are an integral part of our district’s economy and our well-being. Today, however, our lands, our water, and our air are all under great pressure. As we transition to a greener economic model, it is time to deploy low carbon and renewable energy and carbon capture technologies, incentivize green development, and embrace water storage and conservation practices, and ensure we are supporting resource- dependent communities.

  • Rebuild Our Communities

    In the 20th century, America built the greatest middle class the world has ever seen. Now, we must make the changes necessary to protect and grow it. To revitalize rural Colorado, it is crucial that we rebuild our education systems to make sure everyone can achieve their potential. That we guarantee access to affordable, wraparound health care. That we enact policies like paid family leave. That we commit to protecting family farms and ranches for the next generation. The time has come to invest in our people and our communities once again.

  • Strengthen Our Economy

    At this moment, we have a renewed opportunity to build a robust and diversified economy. To do this, we must incentivize innovation, and support local businesses and entrepreneurs. We must lower burdens on families and small and medium-sized enterprises. We must invest in full-spectrum clean energy technologies, roads, bridges, and logistical systems, telecom infrastructure, and cultivate local supply chains. We must create an economy that works for everyone, not just the connected few.

  • Defend Our Democracy

    Today, politicians and performance artists are working hard to divide us; to weaken the institutions and freedoms our founding fathers fought and died for. I strongly believe it is our responsibility to ensure we pass along a vibrant and free country to the next generations. We must fight political corruption, misinformation, and rights to protect our country. Our democracy’s future is at stake and we must defend it at all cost.