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The Issues

Most Americans want the same things for their families and our country: safety, security, prosperity, and health. If we tell the truth, listen to others, and work together, we can enact common-sense policies that benefit everyone.

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Rebuild Our Communities

  • Rebuild and adequately fund our K-12 and post-secondary education systems
  • Ensure equal access to affordable healthcare services, including a public option
  • Guarantee access to mental health resources and addiction recovery services
  • Support affordable housing development and reform of the foreclosure process
  • Provide for paid family and medical leave and permanent child tax credits
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Strengthen Our Economy

  • Invest in full-spectrum clean energy research and deployment
  • Exempt family farms and ranches from estate tax
  • Expand loan programs for entrepreneurs and small businesses
  • Build upon remote work transition to diversify our economic base
  • Expand infrastructure in support of local tourism and supply chains
  • Develop economic innovation hubs at all district colleges and universities
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Preserve Our Natural Heritage

  • Prioritize development of carbon capture and storage technology
  • Ensure our public lands are both protected and accessible
  • Protect our water resources while investing in conservation and alternative source development
  • Support legislation raising clean air and water standards
  • Provide tax and regulatory incentives for green building processes and the circular economy
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Defend Our Democracy

  • Protect every citizen's right to vote
  • Increase constituent engagement
  • Eliminate partisan primaries
  • Ban partisan gerrymandering¬†
  • Support political anti-corruption legislation