The Issues

Let's Elevate Colorado. Together.

Preserve Our Natural Heritage

Colorado is truly special. Growing up on a ranch gave me a deep appreciation for this place that we call home, and for the resources we rely on. But making sure it remains that way will take work. If we truly value what makes Colorado a great state to live in, we have to fight to protect it. The future of rural Colorado depends on taking action to protect our water, our air, and our soil. It demands we embrace innovative practices to transition to a cleaner future and conserve our natural heritage for future generations.

We must:

  • Ensure our public lands are protected, funded, and accessible for future generations
  • Protect our water resources while investing in conservation and alternative source development
  • Prioritize expansion of low and zero emissions energy generation and the development of carbon capture and storage technology
  • Support legislation raising clean air and water standards
  • Provide tax and regulatory incentives for green building processes, recycling, and the circular economy