The Issues

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Rebuild Our Communities

I know how special it is to grow up in a small town where people looked out for one another. But for decades now, we have let the systems that underpin the health of our rural communities break down. Now our task is to rebuild them. We must renew our commitment to the institutions that made America what it is today: world-class schools, a social safety net that catches those experiencing rough times, a great healthcare system that doesn’t bankrupt people, and infrastructure to keep America moving. Our communities shape us and make us who we are. We have to invest in them again.

We must:

  • Rebuild, reform, and adequately fund our K-12 and post-secondary education systems
  • Guarantee access to affordable healthcare services, including a public option, and price transparency in healthcare provision
  • Ensure access to mental health resources and addiction recovery services
  • Support affordable housing development and reform of the foreclosure process
  • Provide for paid family and medical leave and permanent child tax credits
  • Enable every individual to chart their own future by protecting fundamental rights including reproductive rights, protections for the LGBTQ community, and the right to privacy.