The Issues

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Strengthen Our Economy

Every morning we hear about what the Dow Jones is doing, or how high the price of Amazon stock has soared. But we all know the strength of the economy is not measured by the performance of the stock market, but by the ability of American families to thrive. We know that even as corporate profits soar, our economy isn’t working if hard-working people in our communities can’t make ends meet. Going forward, we have to make sure that our policies value everyday people over the interests of the Fortune 500. That means fighting for good jobs, boosting small and medium sized businesses, and cultivating innovative local economies. Because we know that when Main Street succeeds, so does America.

We must:

  • Invest in full-spectrum clean energy research and deployment
  • Exempt family farms and ranches from estate tax
  • Expand loan programs for entrepreneurs and small businesses
  • Build upon remote work transition to diversify our economic base
  • Expand infrastructure in support of local tourism and supply chains
  • Develop economic innovation hubs at all district colleges and universities